This Privacy Notice is to explain our approach to your personal data which identifies you directly or indirectly that you provided through your job applications via online job application form in our website of, through your e-mails, through career web sites such as, and/or through face-to-face job interviews and through your referees.

We process your personal data (such as your name, e-mail address, phone number, educational and professional background etc.) to assess your job application and to pursue our recruitment activities in accordance with the article 5 and 6 of the Law of Protection of Personal Data no. 6698 (“Law”)  such as your consent, our legitimate interest and the necessities to conclude the contract. While we are processing your personal data, we act pertinent to the rules of the “Law” and other relevant laws and take the appropriate technical and administrative security measures to protect your personal data.

In cases that you are not recruited, we may process your personal data for future job opportunities until your resume is out of date and in any case for two years at most. We may share your personal data limitedly with our business partners and our employees considering their role on our recruitment activities.

For the third-party information such as referees or emergency contact that you would be sharing, you need to make sure that you informed them sufficiently in accordance with the “Law” and obtained consent from them before sharing their information with us.

According to the article 11 of the “Law”, you have the following rights as to processing of your personal data;

– Right to access information whether your personal data is processed or not, and if so, request information on processed personal data, the purpose of the processing, to whom your personal data is transferred,

– Right to rectification of personal data in cases of any incomplete or inaccurate information and to have the third parties that your personal data had been transferred being informed as to this rectification,

– Right of destruction/erasure within the context of the “Law” and to have the third parties that your personal data had been transferred being informed about the destruction/erasure

– Right to object to any conclusion that is a result of the analysis of the processed data though automated systems,

– Right to request compensation if any damages incurred as a result of processing your personal data against the law

You may direct your opinions, queries and requests on this Privacy Notice to OFO VENTURA SINAİ MÜLKİYET HİZ. A.Ş. and to OFO VENTURA LAW FIRM by sending an e-mail to