July 9, 2019


Dear Colleagues & Friends,

As we informed to you before, on 09 July 2018, the Decree Law (number 703) was published in the National Official Gazette in Turkey and abolished the Law No. 5000, “The Law on Establishment and Functions of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office”. As the title of this law No 5000 indicates, it provides for the establishment, and operation of the Turkish PTO.

As such, legally, the Turkish PTO ceased to exist on July 9th. However, on July 10th the very first Presidential Decree called the “Decree On The Organization of the Presidential Administration” was published. There was no specific article in it regulating the Turkish PTO per se. Nonetheless, Article 1 of the subject Decree stated that all of the laws that were abolished by Decree Law no 703 and concern the establishment and organization of public institutes, shall remain in force until a new Presidential Decree is published specifically replacing them.

On July 15th the Presidential Decree (number 4) is published. Within the articles 353-383 the Turkish PTO is (re) established and its name remained as TURKPATENT as before. According to Decree No 4, functions of the TURKPATENT remains the same but there are structual changes within TURKPATENT to adopt it into Presidential system.

We will be following developments closely and will keep you informed of any news that may affect your rights.